About Chrissy

Chrissy summerHi, my name is Chrissy MacDonald. I live in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia with my husband and Vizsla puppy, Whimsical Indira (Indi). I have two grown children who are now on their own.

I have been practicing Yoga for over 17 years and have taught for ten years both in Cape Breton and in Powell River, British Columbia.

I discovered Yoga when my children were small and we lived in a small town in Nova Scotia. There were no classes near me so I bought a book called The Sivananda Companion to Yoga. My daughter and I would practice the poses in my living room. I remember being amazed at how calm I felt after practicing. It was an incredible sense of contentment despite what major and minor upsets I faced in my life.

After several years of practicing Yoga, I decided to share my love of Yoga with others so I took a teacher training program with Atlantic Canada’s Yoga Teacher Association. This training was in the Kripalu tradition. Over the years I have taken many workshops as well as teacher training in Iyengar Yoga which I also love.

I  taught several Yoga classes a week at my own studio (Body Basics Health and Fitness Studio) and others and have led many yoga workshops for businesses and organizations.

In my personal Yoga practice, I enjoy the physical postures as a way to keep my body fit and healthy but I discover so much more. When I practice Yoga, it helps me to slow down and really pay attention – to live in the present moment.

Some people say doing the postures is like praying with the body and practicing meditation is like listening to God’s voice. I love this because it brings the physical Yoga practice and my spiritual practice as a Christian together.

Yoga practice is a journey. What we discover with regular practice, can help us feel content and happy and help us make a positive difference in the world in our own small way. In this way we “Live our Yoga.”

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Chrissy MacDonald